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Join us and grow at EBN


In accordance with EBN’s unique character which offers a vast number of areas of expertise, our interns are exposed to a wide array of activities. This approach is taken in order to allow all interns the chance to truly become familiar with the options facing them, prior to choosing one area of expertise. We perceive our interns to be an integral part of the success of each matter, and thus they are expected to perform their work intensely, accurately, thoroughly and in an in-depth fashion.
We seek excellent candidates who wish to learn the secrets of the trade from its many different angles, those with creative and original thinking who are visionaries and are willing to go the extra mile.


The main advantage of Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co., Advocates, lies within its unique combination of the vast number of areas of expertise, and the quality of the offered services. Working at EBN, one is constantly encouraged to grow and learn, aspire to increasing professionalism and excellence, remain accessible to clients, and stay true to their best interests.

We offer our team of attorneys the opportunity to work for a large firm which also nurtures the individual. Moreover, we pride ourselves in a work environment which encourages striving for personal excellence alongside team success. In general, we seek attorneys who are exceptional in their achievements and way of thinking, ones who are capable of working independently but are comfortable in working in teams, and those who seek the best outcomes alongside nurturing excellent interpersonal skills.