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Real Estate

Our Practice

The real estate department of Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co provides services to its clients in a wide range of areas, including: initiation of projects for both offices and residences, income-yielding properties, shopping centers, urban renewal, sheltered housing, hotels, gas stations, purchase groups, planning and construction matters and real estate financing.

Among the department’s clients are some of the largest and leading real estate companies in Israel, income-yielding real estate companies, banks, funds, infrastructure companies, private entrepreneurs and foreign entities operating in the real estate sector in Israel.

The real estate department is highly experienced and represents its clients from the preliminary stages of a project through its completion, including conducting due diligence, advising regarding the structure of the project and the acquisition of land, promoting planning and licensing procedures, engagements with contractors and consultants, construction of the project, marketing, sales, and registration of rights. The real estate department advises its clients in complex real estate transactions, including, inter alia, combination and transformation transactions, cooperation and initiation agreements, purchase group agreements, sale agreements, real estate financing agreements, transactions vis-à-vis the Israel Lands Authority, bids, tenders and more.

The real estate department works in synergy with the various departments of the firm, including the litigation, corporate & commercial, capital markets and antitrust departments, in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive legal solution covering all aspects related to the real estate transaction.

Real Estate Transactions

The real estate department has extensive experience and knowledge in accompanying entrepreneurs, investors, financial and private institutions in complex real estate transactions in various real estate fields.

We are involved in representing clients, including some of the leading real estate companies in Israel, in a wide range of real estate transactions, including residential, offices and commercial projects, shopping centers, logistics centers, gas stations, hotels, sheltered housing, infrastructure and energy projects, bids and tenders, transactions vis-à-vis the Israel Land Authority, and more.

Our department accompanies its clients with respect to all aspects related to various real estate projects, from carrying out due diligence, acquiring land rights, advising on engagements with contractors, consultants and planners, preparing and accompanying agreements for the sale and marketing of the projects, leasing and the registration of land rights.

The department accompanies and provides ongoing legal services to a number of shopping centers, including drafting lease agreements, management and more.

Urban Renewal – Evacuation & Construction and National Outline Plan 38

EBN’s real estate department is one of the leading real estate departments in Israel in the field of urban renewal, both in representation in Evacuation & Construction transactions, and in representation in N.O.P 38 transactions.

The attorneys in the department have a rich and varied practical experience in the field of urban renewal, gained through their legal representation of tenants, some of the largest entrepreneurs in Israel and financial institutions financing these transactions, in the framework of dozens of urban renewal projects.

As part of the legal representation in the field of urban renewal, an overall coverage is provided for all phases of the project, from the early stages of planning, conducting negotiations for the signing of an agreement and legally accompanying the planning procedures in the various planning committees to the approval of the Urban Planning Scheme (as required), accompanying in the issuance of construction permits, accompanying vis-à-vis the financial entities financing the project, provision of guarantees, accompanying the handing over of the new apartments and amendment of the joint house order.

Sheltered Housing

The real estate department has extensive expertise and experience in providing legal advice to companies in the field of sheltered housing. This expertise includes, inter alia, accompanying entrepreneurs in the construction of sheltered housing projects, from the stage of purchase of land to the operation of the sheltered housing facility, providing ongoing legal advice, drafting of agreements (deposit, depositors, and entrance and lease fees agreements), conducting negotiations with tenants and agreements with consultants.

The department’s extensive experience includes participation in discussions in the Knesset regarding the legislation of the Sheltered Housing Law and its amendments, and more.

In addition, we have extensive experience in representing potential tenants prior to their entry into the sheltered housing facility, and accompanying the tenants in the contract review, negotiating with the representative of the sheltered housing facility, and up to the signing of the sheltered housing agreement.

Real Estate Financing

The real estate department handles all aspects of financing related to real estate projects, and has extensive experience in accompanying financing transactions of complex real estate projects, including urban renewal projects.

Our department has experience in representing various financial entities in the field of real estate financing, including the representation of investment funds specializing in financing urban renewal projects.

Hotel Management

We accompany clients in the hotel industry, in all of its different aspects.

Our department has extensive expertise and knowledge in accompanying clients in the hotel industry, both Israeli clients and foreign clients, from the first stages of the business engagement, acquisition agreements, construction agreements, management agreements and ongoing counseling, including the drafting of commercial agreements, cooperation agreements, franchises, marketing etc.

Planning and Construction

The real estate department has extensive experience in accompanying its clients regarding various aspects of planning and construction procedures.

The department provides legal counseling to its clients in promoting planning and construction procedures, development and improvement matters relating to various real estate projects, from the primary stage of the project’s initiation to the completion of the planning process.



Representative Experience

  • Representation of one of the largest real estate companies in Israel in a combination transaction for the construction of hundreds of residential units and commercial spaces.
  • Representation of a network of gas stations in connection with the purchase of several gas stations, including convenience stores and commercial spaces.
  • Representation of UPS in the construction and leasing of the largest and most advanced logistics center of the company, which also includes offices.
  • Representation of an entrepreneur in the construction and marketing of a prestigious residential project of 68 residential units in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem.
  • Representation of a leading real estate company in connection with an Evacuation & Construction project in Petah Tikva for the construction of more than 1,000 residential units.
  • Representation of a leading real estate company in connection with an Evacuation & Construction project in Holon for the construction of more than 1,000 residential units, commercial centers and hotels.
  • Representation of a leading real estate company in a large number of National Outline Plan 38 (Demolition and Construction) projects in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Holon and Ramat Gan, with a scope of hundreds of residential units.
  • Representation of banks and various financial institutions in a number of transactions for the sale of real estate assets.